Rebar Supply


Gulf Coast Packagers provides the following reinforced concrete construction products from TxDOT approved Mills/Manufacturers:

Rebar is reinforced steel used in conjunction with reinforced concrete, ultimately providing more tensile strength. Due to the structural integrity it provides, this product is used heavily in the construction industry.

Markets & Applications

Construction, Highway, Infrastructure and Manufacturing


Bare and Epoxy-coated rebar Galvanized rebar Stock paving rebar Threaded rebar

Rebar Sizes

#3 10MM - ASTM A615-40
#4 13MM - ASTM A615-60
#5 16MM - ASTM A615-75
#6 19MM - ASTM A615-80
#7 22MM - ASTM A615-100
#8 25MM - ASTM A706-60
#9 29MM - ASTM A706-80
#10 32MM - ASTM A1035 CL
#11 36MM - ASTM A1035 CM
#14 43MM - ASTM A1035 CS
#18 57MM

Coiled Rebar

In sizes from #3 to #5 from 1.5 tons to 5 tons spools Coiled Rebar is produced in compliance with American and Canadian standards. Our coil size helps customers optimize their processes for a variety of construction projects such as roads, bridges and parking decks

Smooth Bar

Smooth round bar Flat bar

Wire Mesh

Flat welded wire fabric Rolled welded wire fabric


Cast In Place Mesh

Slabe on Grade





Post Tension Beams

Precast Mesh

Box Culverts

Precast Bridges

Traffic Barriers