About Us

GULF COAST PACKAGERS is a General contractor that also has agreements in place to supply various goods used in the construction arena.

With over three decades of proven experience in General Contracting and Construction experience, Gulf Coast Packagers brings expertise to across disciplines. Our work ranges from supplying the right personnel to act as a client’s representative on site throughout the construction process to self-performing construction aces from complete install to discipline specific activities.

Gulf Coast Packagers personnel bring uniform processes and credibility to every project. This starts by GCP meeting with the client and supplying personnel that fit the client’s need, who are familiar with the industry and know what industry expectations and common practices are.

Through years of working across several industries, GCP saw the need to diversify this Women Owned Small Business to supplier role in the market space and as such has developed a supplier model that is fit for government project set asides as well as non-government projects. GCP is now a supplier of reinforcing steel (rebar), concrete mesh products, guardrail and safety associated products for roadways and installations along with a wide range of Air Compressors and driers typically used in Instrument Air Packages.

Gulf Coast Packagers is a SAM registered Women Owned Small Business at the Federal Government level that is also certified as a Women Owned Historically Underutilized Business in Texas. We are here to provide quality help whether as a supplier to meet government set asides on large projects or provide support to your company for non-government related projects.