Emergency Response Services


Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners develop and deliver high-quality temporary buildings, fabric structures, and utility trailers that provide comfortable spaces for your employees to rest and work, along with the essentials for you to keep your business running efficiently and effectively. With locations across the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean, Cotton has the ability to rapidly mobilize resources for all types of unique operations.
Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners can supply, configure and install these temporary facilities quickly and efficiently under the most challenging timelines and in the most extreme environments. Gulf Coast Packagers temporary structures, mobile trailers, modular buildings, and fabric structures are ideal for:

We’re here for you – whenever and wherever you need us. Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners provide fully-functioning temporary facilities, high-quality workforce housing and comprehensive support services. They're well suited for all sizes of scheduled events, to assist with carefully coordinated construction and renovation projects, and in response to natural disasters & other emergency situations.

Every temporary situation – planned and unplanned – is unique. That’s why Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners are committed to providing temporary support services that are customized to meet your specific requirements.

Our temporary support services are ideal for:

· Special events
· Property restoration projects
· Structural renovations
· Building additions
· Planned expansions
· Long-term maintenance projects
· Disaster relief
· Emergency closures or shutdowns

Gulf Coast Packagers works with you to identify the best resources for your situation and supplies the superior temporary support services you need to effectively manage your temporary site as efficiently as possible.

Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners are always prepared to provide temporary support services. We can track impending situations, alert our crews and assets, and move quickly into the places hit hardest. We’re ready to go before disaster strikes so we can be there for you when it does.

We anticipate, we plan, we prepare and we execute.


Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners can quickly deploy the right personnel, provide the right strategy and supply the right equipment to provide the temporary support services your project requires.
With locations all across North America, Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners are ready to meet you as soon as you need the help. We can get our experienced personnel to a site within 24 to 48 hours, prepare them, and get them working.
Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners can reliably supply high-quality, durable equipment for the most demanding and challenging situations. No area is too remote and no situation is too extreme for us to help you efficiently manage your project.
Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners has decades of industry experience providing the support you need when you need it. In addition, we have expertise dealing with almost every kind of project, event and emergency.

We have the knowledge and the know-how to help your response team master any situation where temporary support services are required. We're here to help you devise the optimal solution in order to meet your specific project needs.


Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners provides temporary support services to a wide range of industries for both planned events, renovations and expansions, as well as unplanned emergency situations:

· Oil & Gas
· Energy
· Environmental
· Petrochemical
· Government
· Infrastructure
· Mining
· Minerals
· Special Events
· Restaurant & Hospitality
· Medical
· Industrial
· Education



Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners provides worldwide operational support and infrastructure for the shortages of workforce housing, catering and other resources associated with a catastrophic event, a large construction or development project, and for the complex and ever-changing work environments of many industries.

Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners has comprehensive industry experience, unparalleled technical expertise, and superior equipment to assist you no matter how remote the location, how extreme the climate, how stringent the timeline, and how unique the conditions.


Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners supplies an array of durable, reliable temporary facilities and mobile assets for a wide range of uses. Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners temporary structures are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted, and rigidly tested to meet your exacting specifications and requirements. Facility offerings and configurations include:

· Temporary Mobile Offices
· Fabric Structures
· Skid- & Wheel- Mounted Units
· Mobile & Temporary Kitchens
· Restroom Trailers
· Shower Trailers
· Laundry Trailers
· Generator Trailers
· Potable & Grey Water Services
· Temporary Power & Fuel Services
· Mobile Command Unit
· Hand Washing Stations


Gulf Cast Packagers provides rapidly deployable, economical alternatives of permanent structures to a host of industries. No matter the business, Gulf Coast Packagers along with our business partners can devise and deliver a temporary solution to meet a client’s specific needs and job specifications. Industries served to include:

· Energy
· Government
· Oil & Gas
· Petrochemical
· Environmental
· Infrastructure
· Mining & Minerals
· Special Events


Delivering the service you deserve

Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners have the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide the perfect temporary structure solution for your business.

· Fast, expert asset installation anytime, anywhere
· 24/7 responsive support
· A diverse line of temporary buildings, fabric structures, and utility trailers available for almost any industry
· Providing the comfort and the essentials for your business operations

Temporary operations, disaster relief efforts, large construction projects, temporary offices, and different special events require hygienic and secure restrooms for your workers, guests, and visitors.

Gulf Coast Packagers and our partners provide high-quality mobile shower trailers for a variety of situations, from remote site operational needs to disaster recovery support when resources are limited

Gulf Coast Packagers and our partners deliver convenient mobile laundry trailers that make cleaning clothes, uniforms, bed linens, and towels easy anytime, anywhere


Keep your operation organized in any location with temporary office buildings and mobile office trailers from Gulf Coast Packagers.

At Gulf Coast Packagers, we believe temporary housing shouldn't feel temporary. That's why we're dedicated to delivering clean, efficient and comfortable temporary workforce housing and oilfield man camp lodges that feel more like a working community than a temporary place to stay.

Cotton Logistics delivers all the essential support services you require to stay safe and operational through our comprehensive portfolio of support services, temporary portable utility assets and utility resources for any sized project. From potable drinking water to on-site power generations



In the absence of a steady governmental presence, communities can really feel the hit during a major crisis or event. However, these agencies are unfortunately just as susceptible to power outages, communication loss, flooding, and other disasters that they are expected to respond to. Our critical government entities require a trusted partner to guarantee stable operational readiness throughout any disaster or unplanned event.

While we have always been a trusted partner of any government agency, this newfound contract allows us to more easily serve our public sector clients with expanded access to products and services at volume discount pricing. We are now approved to offer the following goods and services, with streamlined pricing and quality control, for any national, state, or local level government agency:

532490P – Lease/Rental of Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and
Structures: Includes portable/mobile office buildings, restroom facilities, and temporary living quarters such as mobile homes and tension fabric structures. The lease or rental of these portable structures are suitable for emergencies and disaster recovery efforts.

541614 – Deployment, Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services: Services include Deployment Logistics such as contingency planning, identifying/utilizing regional or global resources, integrating public/private sector resources, inventory/property planning, movement, storage, end-to-end industrial relocation/expansion services, and deploying communications and logistics systems to permit rapid deployment and management of supplies and equipment; Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services such as planning and designing, implementing, or operating systems or facilities for the movement of supplies, equipment or people by road, air, water, rail, or pipeline.

Whether searching for a short-term mobile office space during a facility renovation or a long-term shelter camp following a community-wide disaster, Gulf Coast Packagers has the turnkey solutions necessary for any government agency to continue its essential work efficiently and effectively.


Gulf Coast Packagers along with our partners have comprehensive temporary support services in order to maintain consistent government service during both times of crisis and pre-planned renovations or major construction projects. Cotton understands the need for confidentiality agreements and respects the sensitive nature of the work these agencies do. With around-the-clock turnkey response services, your team will have everything they need to continue serving the community, despite any level of facility damage or loss of support services.


· Federal, State, County/Parish and Municipalities
· First Responders Infrastructure (Fire, Police, Medical)
· Critical Infrastructures (Power, Water, Security and Communications)
· Transportation Infrastructures
· Department of Defense Locations
· Department of Homeland Security Requirements
· Other Government Supporting Requirements