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GULF COAST PACKAGERS works with a TxDOT approved Warehouse for all guardrail material supplied

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About Our Supplier...

GCP's supplier is a major producer and supplier of highway products to the highway, bridge, and utility construction markets and has been in business for nearly 40 years

GCP's supplier's state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, stable workforce, and vast experience allow us a solid position in these highly competitive markets.

From accurate pre-bid takeoffs to careful loading of the finished product, you can count on the people of Gulf Coast Packagers to service your project requirements.

Other Products…

ALUMINUM AND STEEL BRIDGE RAILS All types of Traffic and Combination Bridge Railings meeting numerous city, county, and DOT specifications. We also stock replacement parts for many out-of-date aluminum bridge railing systems.

ALUMINUM AND STEEL HANDRAILS A wide variety of standard and made- to-order handrails and pedestrian railings meeting city, county, and DOT specifications.

BRIDGE EXPANSION JOINTS Structural Armor Joints, Rapid-Curing Silicone, and Strip Seal Expansion Joints (SEJ).

ELLIPTICAL TUBE FOR BRIDGE RAIL GCP's supplier is the master distributor of the Tex-Tube Elliptical Tube for Bridge Rail in the United States.

MISCELLANEOUS FABRICATED STEEL Ornamental Appurtenances, Bridge Protection Angles, Deck Drains, Wide-Flange Terminal Anchor Beams, Concrete Barrier Connection Hardware, to name a few. GCP's supplier is a licensed producer of Easi-Set J-J Hooks® Positive Connector for concrete barriers (sold only to licensed precasters).

HIGH-TENSION CABLE BARRIER GCP's supplier has a multi-state exclusive distributor for the Nucor (formerly SAFERoads™) U.S. High-Tension Cable Barrier System. They maintain a com-plete inventory of replacement parts, including CRP Cable Release Posts, Nucor Rib-Bak® line posts, cable, and associated hardware.

TRAILER TMA - 100 GCP's supplier is the exclusive distributor of the innovative Safety Trailers Inc. (STI) TTMA-100 (trailer TMA) for Texas, with ability to sell in markets across the United States, Mexico, and the Middle East.

FIELD SERVICES In select markets our supplier field-fabricate railings that do not lend them-selves to shop fabrication. We also offer limited installation services for railings they fabricate.

GCP's Inventory includes:

Delivery available Monday through Friday.


· 25’ W-Beam (12 GA) with 0, 3’-1½”, 6’-3”, 8’-4”, 12’-6” post hole centers
· 12’-6” W-Beam (12 GA) 0, 6’-3” hole centers
· 6’-3” W-Beam (12 GA)
· Radiused 12’-6” W-Beam (12 GA) at 5’ to 60’ radii
· T6 Bridge Rail Panels & Hardware


· Domed Timber Post 6’-3”
· Steel Line Post for W-Beam and ThrieBeam rails
· Steel Base-Plated Post 2’-4”, 5’-0” (Culvert)
· Steel Terminal Anchor Post
· Composite Blocks (Spacers) for Timber and Steel Posts (6”x8”x14”)

· Thrie-Beam
· T101
· TL2 (Low Speed)
· MGS Thrie-Beam

· SGT (ET2000/SKT) Type I, II, III, and Repair Parts
· Terminal Anchor Section (“TAS” or “turndown”)
· Flared End Wing (“Lobster Tail”)
· Terminal Connector Shoe (“End Shoe”)
· Rounded Terminal Connector (“Question Mark”)
· 90 Degree Corner (Fabricated)
· Median Terminal Buffer, 6” and 11 1/8” Radii


It is important we know the following to ensure you get the product you need the first time:

· Is this a state or non-state job? State- tested inventory cannot be shipped to non-state jobs.
· If it is a state job, what is the project information?
· How many runs are there?
· Is the rail blocked out?
· Do you need radiused rail? How many curves? Length? Radius of each?
· Steel or timber posts?
· Are there low-fill culverts that will require base-plated posts? How thick is the culvert "top"?
· What end treatments do you need? TAS?, FEW?, SKT? SGT Type I, II, or III?
· To what type of concrete railing are we attaching the transitions? Providing takeoff assistance is just another value-added service we're glad to offer!

Composite Matting Solutions

Rent heavy duty, anti-skid access mats and other temporary roadway solutions that transform rough, soft, or unstable ground conditions into stable and weatherproof surfaces. Install our composite mats to easily transport specialized service vehicles and components, or create a staging and storage area for equipment, mobile offices, or trailers. Trinity Highway Rentals offer matting solutions for any construction work site, climate, or terrain with weight-bearing capacities of up to 600 psi. The mats are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with specialized fillers for strength, plus UV and anti-static additives to withstand the rigors of heavy construction

MegaDeck® HD Heavy-Duty Composite Access & Rig Mats

Designed for high-traffic worksites, such as construction sites, oil rigs and power transmission sites. Bearing up to 600 psi, this system can support heavy equipment and vehicles over various terrain and climate. MegaDeck® HD’s composition of HDPE, UV-protection, anti-static and other additives makes it non-absorbent which helps prevent cross-contamination or degradation, warping, and breaking due to adverse weather conditions. MegaDeck® HD features a locking system which allows the connection of panels easily and in a variety of configurations using a single T-bar tool. Mats are laid together seamlessly due to their 12” flanges which guides the mat into place.

· Solid perimeter construction designed to help eliminate fluid saturation of mats
· Enhanced aggressive traction
· Dual-sided design with improved traction
· Rigid for increased stability and durability

SignaRoad® Medium-Duty Composite Mats

Matting product designed to create a medium-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian accessway. This high-quality, 100% HDPE composite matting is ideal for heavy-haul loads and versatile enough to be used in various applications. From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian accessways for concerts and music festivals, SignaRoad® helps provide temporary access and ground protection with its advanced design features and easy-to-use connection system.

· HDPE composite material is strong, durable and non-conductive
· Compact size is compatible for vehicle use
· Does not use bolts or screws
· Relatively lightweight for more efficient handling and lower transport costs
· Designed to be simple to clean and maintain

DuraDeck® Premium Composite Matting

Wet or unsteady ground can cause trucks to become stuck, equipment to fail, and create a hazardous work environment for your team. DuraDeck®, a portable, heavy-duty composite matting system is designed to provide access roads and working platforms for vehicles, equipment, and personnel. DuraDeck® semi-permanent composite mats are robust enough to handle loads up to 80 tons, yet flexible enough that they follow the contours of the terrain without breaking or cracking. From the Everglades to the Sahara, DuraDeck® can be used over a wide temperature range and in adverse weather conditions.

· Portable and durable enough tor years of use and hundreds of projects
· Less expensive than fiberglass and more cost-effective than plywood
· Will not rot or splinter
· Designed to help protects vehicles & equipment from excessive wear and damage due to unstable ground conditions
· Surface traction designed to help prevent slippage.
· Helps eliminate environmental cross-contamination problems associated with plywood sheets

We support the efforts of the U.S. Green Building Council and buy from mills that are active in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) initiative. LEED® is an internationally recognized green building certification system, providing third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance across a number of metrics.

The mills Gulf Coast Packagers choose from utilize state-of-the-art technology to make steel. This technology uses pre- and post-consumer recycled scrap as the primary raw material for the steelmaking process and averages 98.0% recycled content. With a significantly high percentage of recycled materials, all of the products sold by GCP play a major role in “green construction” and are a positive contributor to the LEED® rating system.

Gulf Coast Packagers can supply fabricated rebar that can contribute a full credit under LEED® v4 or LEED® v3 (2009), since some of the mills we purchase from have a national fabrication footprint and manufacturer-specific USGBC EPDs.


Water Filled Barriers and Barricades

Water Filled Barriers and Barricades available for rent nationwide. GCP offers rentals on a full line of construction site and traffic control products centered on the patented, Yodock® 2001, 2001M, and 2001MB water filled barriers and barricades. Yodock® water filled barricades are made in the USA and tested to NCHRP Report 350. The water-filled barricades can be assembled to meet a variety of construction site needs including traffic control, perimeter fencing, temporary sign support, work zone barricade, and pedestrian channelization. GCP Rentals offers flexible rental options that can help reduce capital costs and storage concerns over time. GCP supplier is the only manufacturer and the #1 supplier of the Yodock® brand water filled barrier and barricade.






YODOCK Corner Connector

YODOCK Longitudinal Barrier Wall Kit

YODOCK Emergency Response Trailer

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Delivery Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Lori Morrison
(281) 220-9574